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The Durham Bike Co-op

The Durham Bike Co-op is a direct-service program designed to encourage the use of bicycling as a mode of transportation and recreation in Durham, NC.

Staff at the Durham Bike Coop direct hands-on skill share programs for Durham youth and adults centered on bicycle repair and maintenance.

Programs include community bike workshops, "mobile repair clinics," and an "earn-a-bike" program pairing those in need of bicycles with skilled volunteers to rebuild and repair donated bikes.

East Coast Greenway Alliance

East Coast Greenway Alliance is a national organization located in Durham. They are the non-profit organization spearheading the development of the East Coast Greenway.

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North Carolina Bicycling Advocacy Groups

Bicycling has been popular in North Carolina for a long time, but bicycle advocacy seems to be a slow growing interest across the state. In the early 1970's, a few strong statewide advocates helped to encourage the NC Department of Transportation to begin a Bicycle & Pedestrian Division that assists with facility planning and design, as well as programming and safety-education for bicyclists and pedestrians. In addition, a number of non-profit local and statewide advocacy groups have been started in NC over the years, as well as a variety of bicycle clubs and bicycle/pedestrian government advisory boards. Many local advocacy groups are still in existence, and/or new groups are popping up recently across the state. Here are a few that we know of:

Bicycling Clubs in the Triangle Area and Beyond

Duke Bikes

Duke Bikes is a bike-loan program, and a partnership between Duke students and university departments to provide undergraduate, graduate and professional students with no-cost options for exercise, adventure and campus commuting. This collaborative effort also provides a tangible example of several of Duke's efforts to promote sustainability, alternative transportation and health.

Triangle-Area Events and Races

Local and Statewide Cycling Events and Races

The NC Department of Transportation's Bicycle and Pedestrian Transportation Division is a clearing house of information on Bike and Ped related events in North Carolina. To keep track of events throughout the entire state is an ambitious task. You may want to confirm the dates of any particular event with the agency or organization hosting it.

Road Riding and Racing

For the local roadie scene, the Tarwheels and the M.S. Fits Cycling Team do a great job keeping up with ride-worthy events. On their events and calendar pages, they list everything from weekly pick-up rides to long-distance randonneuring and local crits.

If you're not sure what randonneuring is, the North Carolina Bicycle Club explains it all. is also a good place to check for local and statewide road cycling events.

Mountain Biking and Racing hosts a calendar of local mountain biking events. This is probably the best place to keep track of local mountain bike races. From 24-hour endurance races, to downhill events, to short course cross-country races -- if it's of interest to any of's 500+ users, it's probably on the calendar.


A British-invasion sport that recently has started catching on in the States, cyclocross is strong in North Carolina. NC Cyclocross is your best bet for finding out about local 'cross events.

In Durham

The Durham Critical Mass Ride is currently on hiatus (as of November 2010).

The Annual Ride Of Silence is a 5-mile loop, in silence, no faster than 12 mph in honor of cyclists and others killed or injured while cycling on public roadways. Held in May each year, this ride aims to raise the awareness of motorists, police and city officials that cyclists have a legal right to the public roadways. The ride is also a chance to remember those who have been killed or injured while cycling.

The Annual Ice Cream Ride is held in June each year and provides a chance to train for the annual Central North Carolina M.S. Ride. Riders have the choice of a metric century (62 mile) or a 20-25 mile ride. Cue-sheets and sag vehicle support will be provided. Helmets are required.

Durham Habitat for Humanity of Durham hosts two fundraising rides every year: the Bull Moon Ride and the Halloween Hundred Ride.

The Bull Moon Ride is held on the evening of the full moon in July. Helmets and lights are required and the ride is fully supported by the Durham County Sheriff’s Office. In July 2010 Nearly 600 cyclists participated in either a 10 mile or 18 mile ride and raised over $30,000.

In 2004 more than 100 cyclists enjoyed the first Halloween Hundred. The 2010 Halloween Bile Ride had 18, 31, 62, or 100 mile options, all fully supported by the Durham County Sheriff's Office. Over 900 riders registered and over $66.000 was raised.

The Duke Multiple Myeloma Bike Ride is held each year on a Saturday in July. The 50 km and 100 km routes start on the Duke campus, follow roads through Durham and Orange Counties, have organized rest stops, and are supported by sag wagons.

Photo courtesy Phillip Barron.

Other Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Commissions


Cary has comprehensive bicycle and pedestrain plans:

Chapel Hill / Carrboro

Chapel Hill and Carrboro's Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Board meets on the fourth Tuesday of every month at 7pm in Chapel Hill's Town Hall.
Nick Lurie, a member of the Chapel Hill BPAB, presented the Chapel Hill Bicycle and Pedestrian Action Plan at our January 2005 meeting.


Raleigh's Bike and Pedestrian Advisory Commission was established in 2009.
Wake County's Capital Area Metropolitan Planning Organization (CAMPO) has a Bicycle and Pedestrian Stakeholders Group.

Michael Ownby is the Chair of the Bike and Ped Stakeholders Group, and Jake Petrosky is the staff liaison.

Research Triangle Park

While not a residential community, Research Triangle Park is a daily destination for nearly 40,000 employees.

SmartCommute@RTP, a subcommittee of the Research Triangle Foundation, "focuses on encouraging employees of the Park to commute to and from work using alternative means other than a single occupancy vehicle".

North Carolina Department of Transportation

The North Carolina Department of Transportation has its own Bicycle and Pedestrian Division. On their website you can find several great bicycling maps, a downloadable pamphlet outlining bicycle related laws, and lots of other useful information.

Beyond the Triangle area

A collection of "BPAC" websites from other cities and states