NC54-I40 Corridor Study - Study Information


  • Clearly define a realistic "blueprint" for an integrated growth and mobility strategy for the corridor
  • Establish a development framework that strengthens multimodal travel options and reduces vehicle miles of travel
  • Improve operations, safety, and travel time
  • Categorize strategies into near, mid-term, and long-term phases

Study Steps:

  • Project Initiation/Public Outreach Plan - COMPLETED
  • Prepare Corridor/Community Profile [November 2009] - Assemble prior studies and data; analyze existing multimodal transportation networks; develop a trend scenario; and develop performance measures. - COMPLETED
  • Develop and Evaluate Scenarios - Define focal points and set land use context; define areas to protect or preserve and where to target investment; ensure street connectivity; and gain buy-in. - COMPLETED
  • Preferred Scenario [March 2010] - COMPLETED
  • Prepare Land Use-Transportation Master Plan - Refine the details of the preferred scenario with respect to transportation needs, land use strategy, and design guidelines. - COMPLETED
  • Corridor Master Plan Blueprint [May 2010]. - COMPLETED
  • Phase II analysis

Elements of Public Involvement Process:

  • Issues oriented focus groups [Oct 12 and 13, Early 2010] - COMPLETED
  • Public workshops
    • Present community profile; get input on issues, opportunities, and trends to guide development of future scenarios [November 18, 2009] - COMPLETED
    • Evaluate alternatives and assist in the selection of the preferred scenario [February/March 2010] - COMPLETED
    • Review and refine corridor/subarea master plan; set priorities on multimodal transportation and land use strategies, implementation strategies, and phasing [May 11, 2010]- COMPLETED
  • Website and public notices
  • Outreach at various public forums and through a Plan Information Network