Project List

CTP ID Project Improvement Type Mode Status Section Description
DURH0170-M Woodcroft Pkwy (3rd Fork to Winterberry) Multiuse Path Multi-Use Needs Improvement Third Fork Creek to Winterberry Ridge Dr Improve multiuse path to connect 3rd Fork Cr to ATT
DURH9099-H Woodcroft Pkwy (East) Minor Thoroughfare Highway Existing Barbee Road to Fayetteville Rd
DURH9098-H Woodcroft Pkwy (East) Minor Thoroughfare Highway Existing Barbee Road to Carpenter Fletcher Rd
DURH9100-H Woodcroft Pkwy (West) Minor Thoroughfare Highway Existing Fayetteville Rd to Hope Valley Rd
DURH0402-B Woodcroft Pkwy Extension Bicycle Lane Bicycle Recommended Garrett Rd to NC 751 (Hope Valley Rd) Bicycle Lane on roadway extension
DURH9101-H Woodcroft Pkwy Extension Boulevard Highway Recommended NC 751 to Garrett Rd
DURH9955-R Woodmont Station [D-O LRT Station] Rail Stop (Light Rail) Rail At Woodmont, Stancell Dr, Chapel Hill, Durham Co
CHAT0158-P Yanceyville/Danville Road Trail Footpath Off-Road Pedestrian Recommended 920 Feet South of Coleman Loop to Phelps Rd Footpath
DURH0403-B Yates Store Rd Bicycle Recommended O'Kelly Ch Rd to Grandale Dr/Wake Rd Wide outside lanes on roadway extension
CHAT0107-H-A Yates Store Rd Extension Boulevard Highway Needs Improvement O'Kelly Chapel Rd to Stonewater Glen Ln
CHAT0107-H-B Yates Store Road Extension Boulevard Highway Recommended Yates Store Road to Wake Road
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