The Projects page provides a listing of all projects in the DCHC MPO area. The list can be re-sorted by clicking on the column name at the top of each column. The entire listing of projects can be exported to a Microsoft Excel-compatible .CSV file by clicking the “Export” button that is located above the index, on the right side of the page.

Project List

TIP # Project Name Description Project Expected Start Date Total Cost
B-4943 SR 1616 (Bahama Road) (Bridge) Replace Bridge #20 over Dial Creek (Lake Michie). Prior Year $2,041,000
B-5348 Sr 1005 (Old Greensboro Rd) (Bridge) Replace bridge No. 85 over Phil's Creek. Project is under construction. Prior Year $1,345,000
B-5674 US 15/501 Northbound (Bridge) Replace bridge No. 80 over SR 1308 (Cornwallis Rd) in Durham. 2022 $2,319,000
B-6037 NC 86 Rail Bridge Replacement 2024 $2,750,000
B-8888 Bridge Replacement Holdout 2023 $132,322,000
B-9999DIV Bridge Inspection Program, Division Prior Year $142,006,200
B-9999REG Bridge Inspection Program, Regional Prior Year $111,976,200
B-9999SW Bridge Inspection Program, Statewide Prior Year $189,341,000
BK-5100 Establish Bridge Management System Establish Bridge Management System. This project is in progress. Prior Year $2,500,000
BK-5101 Deck Preservation Deck preservation at 15 selected locations. This project is under construction. Prior Year $12,337,000
BP-5500DIV Bridge Preservation, Division Bridge preservation issues at selected division project sites. Prior Year $9,794,000
BP-5500REG Bridge Preservation, Regional Bridge preservation issues at selection regional project sites. Prior Year $9,794,000
BP-5500SW Bridge Preservation, Statewide Bridge preservation issues at selected statewide project sites. Prior Year $13,059,000
C-3600 CMAQ: DMV Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) vehicle emission compliance system. Upgrade North Carolina's motor vehicle emissions inspection and maintenance (I/M) program. This project is in progress by the Department of Motor Vehicles. Prior Year $6,702,000
C-4902 Solar Center Clean Transportation Program North Carolina State University Solar Center Clean Transportation Program. Develop and administer a seven year clean fuel-advanced technology rebate program in all CMAQ eligible counties to reduce emissions. Prior Year $4,694,000
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