The Projects page provides a listing of all projects in the DCHC MPO area. The list can be re-sorted by clicking on the column name at the top of each column. The entire listing of projects can be exported to a Microsoft Excel-compatible .CSV file by clicking the “Export” button that is located above the index, on the right side of the page.

Project List

TIP # Project Name Description Project Expected Start Date Total Cost
B-4943 SR 1616 (Bahama Road) (Bridge) Replace Bridge #20 over Dial Creek (Lake Michie). Prior Year $2,041,000
B-5348 Sr 1005 (Old Greensboro Rd) (Bridge) Replace bridge No. 85 over Phil's Creek. Project is under construction. Prior Year $1,345,000
B-5674 US 15/501 Northbound (Bridge) Replace bridge No. 80 over SR 1308 (Cornwallis Rd) in Durham. 2020 $2,319,000
B-6037 NC 86 bridge replacement over NCRR 2022 $0
B-8888 Bridge Replacement Holdout 2023 $132,322,000
BK-5100 Establish Bridge Management System Establish Bridge Management System. This project is in progress. Prior Year $2,500,000
BK-5101 Deck Preservation Deck preservation at 15 selected locations. This project is under construction. Prior Year $12,337,000
BP-5500DIV Bridge Preservation, Division Bridge preservation issues at selected division project sites. Prior Year $9,794,000
BP-5500REG Bridge Preservation, Regional Bridge preservation issues at selection regional project sites. Prior Year $9,794,000
BP-5500SW Bridge Preservation, Statewide Bridge preservation issues at selected statewide project sites. Prior Year $13,059,000
C-3600 CMAQ: DMV Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) vehicle emission compliance system. Upgrade North Carolina's motor vehicle emissions inspection and maintenance (I/M) program. This project is in progress by the Department of Motor Vehicles. Prior Year $6,702,000
C-4902 Solar Center Clean Transportation Program North Carolina State University Solar Center Clean Transportation Program. Develop and administer a seven year clean fuel-advanced technology rebate program in all CMAQ eligible counties to reduce emissions. Prior Year $4,694,000
C-4903 CMAQ: Air Awareness North Carolina Department of Environment and Natural Resources. North Carolina Air Awareness Outreach Program to provide education and produce daily air quality forecast. This project is in progress by the NCDENR division of air quality. Prior Year $1,500,000
C-4924B TJCOG TDM TJCOG - develop a flexible work schedule for employees and organizations in the Triangle Ozone Non-attainment Area for three years. The funding and schedule for Break B, the DCHC MPO portion, are shown in the table below. This project is in progress by the TJCOG. Prior Year $5,865,000
C-4928 SR 1317 (Morreene Road) Construct bike lanes and sidewalks along Morreene Road in Durham, from Neal Road to SR 1320 (Erwin Road). Planning, design, right of way, and construction by the City of Durham. This project is in progress. 2021 $9,781,000
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