Project List

CTP ID Project Improvement Type Mode Status Section Description
ORAN0105-B Bennett Rd Bicycle Lane Bicycle Needs Improvement 15-501 to Mt Carmel Church Bicycle Lane
DURH0025-B Berini Dr Sharrow Bicycle Needs Improvement League Wy to Cole Mill Rd Sharrow
ORAN9533-B Berry Hill Dr Bicycle Lane Bicycle Existing S Old Fayetteville Rd to Westbrook Dr Bicycle Lane
CHAT9998-B Big Woods Rd Signed/Shared Road Bicycle Existing Jack Bennet Rd to Gallup Rd Signage/shared road
CHAT0104-H-A Big Woods Rd Minor Thoroughfare Highway Needs Improvement Jack Bennet Rd to Gallup Rd
DURH0026-B Bill Poole Rd 4' Paved Shoulder Bicycle Needs Improvement Roxboro Rd to Orange County Line 4' Paved Shoulder
DURH0027-B Bivens Rd Bicycle Needs Improvement St Marys Rd to Ebenezer Ch Rd Create connection to St Marys Rd
DURH0028-B Bivins Rd 4' Paved Shoulder Bicycle Needs Improvement Craig Rd to Umstead Rd 4' Paved Shoulder
DURH0029-B Blackwell St Sharrow Bicycle Needs Improvement Pettigrew St to Lakewood Ave Sharrow
DURH9954-B Blackwell St Bicycle Lane Bicycle Existing W Morehead Ave to Lakewood Ave Bicycle Lane
DURH0006-R Blackwell-Mangum St Station Rail Stop (Light Rail) Rail Near Blackwell St and Mangum St, Durham, Durham Co, NC
DURH9892-T Blue Zone/Green Zone (Surface Lots) ADQ Public Transportation At Blue Zone/Green Zone (Surface Lots), Durham Co
ORAN9796-M Bolin Creek Trail Multiuse Path Multi-Use Existing Community Ctr Park to NC 86 Multiuse Path
ORAN0103-M Bolin Creek Trail Multiuse Path Multi-Use Recommended NC 86 to Estes Dr Multiuse Path
ORAN0101-P Bolin Creek Trail Extension Unpaved trail Off-Road Pedestrian Recommended Lower Trading Path to Bolin Creek (Hogan Lake) Unpaved trail
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