Project List

TIP # Project Name Description Project Expected Start Date Total Cost
M-0539REG Environmental Mitigation and Minimization - Regional 2020 $3,900,000
M-0539SW Environmental Mitigation and Minimization - Statewide 2020 $4,400,000
P-2918 Piedmont Corridor Passenger Rail Project Trains 73/74 and 74/75 operations between Charlotte and Raleigh. Equipment and capital yard maintenance facility. Additional project funding includes anticipated $6.6 million/year legislative appropriation from state highway fund, to be used for operations. 2021 $8,211,000
P-4405 Private Crossing Safety Initiative Private Crossing Safety Initiative to close or enhance protection at railroad crossings between Raleigh and Charlotte. This project is in progress. Prior Year $10,291,000
P-5602DIV Statewide Rail Preliminary Engineering, Division Prior Year $3,951,000
P-5602REG Statewide Rail Preliminary Engineering, Regional Prior Year $3,951,000
P-5602SW Statewide Rail Preliminary Engineering, Statewide Prior Year $5,268,000
P-5701 Hillsborough Rail Station: Norfolk Southern H Line Passenger Rail Station for Norfolk Southern H Line. Milepost 41.7 in Hillsborough. Construct platform, passenger rail station building, site access, utilities, and parking. Coordinate with U-5848. "Other" funding reflects participation by GoTriangle, formerly Triangle Transit. Prior Year $8,010,000
P-5706 East Durham Siding Norfolk Southern H Line Construction of East Durham Railroad Safety Project. Project will straighten existing railroad curvature between CP Nelson and CP East Durham. Also includes a combination of grade separations and closures at three crossings: Ellis Road - south end (734737A), Glover Road (734735L), and Wrenn Road (734736T). Prior Year $44,319,000
P-5717 Cornwallis Road Grade Separation Construct a grade separation of the Norfolk Southern rail crossing (734742W) at SR 1121 (Cornwallis Road). 2022 $27,478,000
P-5719 Passenger Rail Service Expansion - Piedmont Service Purchase five bi-level passenger cars. Break A is acquisition and rebuild of two additional locomotives; total of $12.612M. Break B acquisition and refurbishment of two coach and one lounge/baggage car; total of $5.388M. Overall project funding remains $18M. Breaks approved by NCDOT 11/2/17. Prior Year $45,277,000
R-4049 SW Rural Projects: Traffic Operations Traffic operations (incident management, 511, smartlink, TEC, TMC). This project is in progress. Prior Year $244,131,000
R-4067 SW Rural Projects: Positive Guidance Program Positive guidance program (pavement markings and markers, LED signal head replacement). This project is in progress. Prior Year $91,242,000
R-4073 Asphalt Testing Asphalt materials testing laboratories corrective action plan for groundwater clean-up at 54 sites. This project is in progress. Prior Year $20,234,000
R-4436DIV NPDES Permit, Division Retrofit fourteen sites per year to protect water quality. Prior Year $21,275,000
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