Project List

TIP # Project Name Description Project Expected Start Date Total Cost
TA-6526 Capital Capital - Orange County Department of Aging. 5310 Grant. Prior Year $5,000
TA-5019A GoDurham Replacement Paratransit Vehicle Purchase of paratransit vehicles, bus refurbishment, and bus shelters. STP-DA Grant. Project is in progress through Chapel Hill Transit. Prior Year $700,733
TA-4748 CHT Replacement Paratransit Vehicle Replacement Paratransit Vehicle. 5307 GRANT. Prior Year $4,421,000
TA-4979 CHT Replacement Van Replacement Van. 5307 Grant. Prior Year $4,061,000
TA-5143 CHT Support & Paratransit Vehicles Purchase Support & Paratransit Vehicles. 5309 Grant. Prior Year $200,000
TA-4726 CHT Replacement Bus Replacement Buses. 5309/5339 Grant. Prior Year $51,141,000
P-4405 Private Crossing Safety Initiative Private Crossing Safety Initiative to close or enhance protection at railroad crossings between Raleigh and Charlotte. This project is in progress. Prior Year $10,291,000
P-5701 Hillsborough Rail Station: Norfolk Southern H Line Passenger Rail Station for Norfolk Southern H Line. Milepost 41.7 in Hillsborough. Construct platform, passenger rail station building, site access, utilities, and parking. Coordinate with U-5848. "Other" funding reflects participation by GoTriangle, formerly Triangle Transit. Prior Year $8,010,000
TA-6246 Capital - Durham County ACCESS Capital expenses. 5311 Grant. Prior Year $200,000
EB-4411 Statewide Bicycle Safety Projects NC statewide roadway improvements for bicycle safety on state and local designated bicycle routes. This project is in progress. Prior Year $2,203,954
TP-4902 SW Support for Local Plans Statewide support to update local community transportation service plans - 5311. Prior Year $3,710,000
TS-7000 Enhanced State Safety Oversight Program Develop and implement an enhanced state safety oversight program. Prior Year $844,000
TA-5199 GoDurham Bus Replacement Bus replacement project. On October 19, 2015, GoDurham was awarded $1,120,000 of federal CMAQ funding in 2017. Previous TIP # C-5605B Prior Year $2,800,000
TA-5219 GoTriangle Bus Replacement For the purchase of five (5) replacement buses. (CAMPO) Prior Year $2,350,000
TA-5218 GoTriangle Bus Replacement For the purchase of three (3) replacement paratransit vehicles and related equipment. (CAMPO) Prior Year $282,000
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