The Projects page provides a listing of all projects in the DCHC MPO area. The list can be re-sorted by clicking on the column name at the top of each column. The entire listing of projects can be exported to a Microsoft Excel-compatible .CSV file by clicking the “Export” button that is located above the index, on the right side of the page.

Project List

TIP # Project Name Description Project Expected Start Date Total Cost
I-9999 Interstate Maintenance Balance 2025 $451,003,000
U-5518 US 70 Upgrade Upgrade US 70 from west of TW Alexander Drive (SR 3067) to I-540 in Raleigh to improve capacity, safety, and traffic operations including interchanges at various locations. 2025 $392,603,000
R-4701 SW Rural Projects: Traffic System Traffic system operations program (signal maintenance). This project is in progress. Prior Year $278,058,000
C-9999 CMAQ Program Balance CMAQ program balance in non-attainment areas. 2020 $270,000,000
R-4049 SW Rural Projects: Traffic Operations Traffic operations (incident management, 511, smartlink, TEC, TMC). This project is in progress. Prior Year $244,131,000
HB-9999 Bridge Inspection Program 2021 $234,000,000
I-3306A I-40, I-85 to Durham County Line. NC 86 Interchange Improvements 2021 $207,343,000
U-0071 East End Connector East End Connector, from NC 147 (Durham Freeway) to north of NC 98 in Durham. Four-lane divided freeway with auxiliary lanes, part on new location. Amendment #1 to FY18-27 TIP added STBGDA funds to install sidewalks not covered in original project. Prior Year $206,509,548
TK-6181 5311 Adminstrative Prior Year $200,989,000
U-6067 US 15/501 Upgrade Upgrade US 15/501 in Durham to an expressway from I-40 to US 15/501 Business. 2029 $195,183,000
B-9999SW Bridge Inspection Program, Statewide Prior Year $189,341,000
W-9999SW Highway Safety Improvement Program, Statewide, Statewide Highway safety improvement program balance for statewide projects. 2020 $181,180,000
U-5934 NC-147 Widening, East End Connector to I-40 Add lanes and rehabilitate pavement on NC-147 from the East End Connector to I-40. 2028 $179,248,000
TO-6155 5311 Operating 2019 $173,475,000
B-9999DIV Bridge Inspection Program, Division Prior Year $142,006,200
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